Healing and Economic Transformation in North Minneapolis

Planting the seeds of change

In North Minneapolis, we welcome and dread the spring.  A Minnesota winter seems to last a good six months, so we yearn for milder weather.  However, on the corner of Lyndale and Broadway, an increase in violence often accompanies these warmer temperatures.

This spring, we want to plant some seeds for change.

Growing plants from seeds is a miraculous process.  How does life sprout from a dry pod that appears dead?  It is time for new life to emerge on the corner of Lyndale and Broadway.

For the summer of 2022, Love Minneapolis has engaged two Step Up interns to learn about planting gardens as a way to bring about change.  Our goal is not only to grow produce but also to learn how to help change the narrative of a place.  

We take small steps forward until we arrive at our destination.


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